Why is My Wifi So Slow?

slow wifi reasons

If you’re like most people, you rely on your home wifi for everything from streaming movies to checking email. So when your wifi is slow, it’s a major pain. There are a few different reasons why your wifi might be slow, and some simple steps you can take to speed things up. One reason your … Read more

Are Blink Cameras Wireless?

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If you have been considering getting a Blink Camera, you may be wondering if they are wireless. The short answer is yes, Blink Cameras are completely wireless. This means that you can install them anywhere in your home without having to worry about running cords or connecting them to a power outlet. Yes, Blink cameras … Read more

Are Adt Outdoor Cameras Wireless?

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If you’re considering adding ADT outdoor cameras to your home security system, you may be wondering if they’re wireless. The answer is yes! All of ADT’s outdoor cameras are wireless, so you can easily install them yourself without having to worry about running any wiring. Plus, wireless cameras are more versatile and can be placed … Read more

How to Connect Nanit to Hotel Wifi?


If you’re using Nanit to monitor your baby while traveling, you’ll want to make sure it’s connected to the hotel wifi. Here’s how to do it: 1. Open the Nanit app and go to settings. 2. Tap on “wifi networks” and select the network you’d like to connect to. 3. Enter the password for the … Read more

How to Connect Samsung Printer to Wifi?

How to connect sumsung printer to WiFI Router

These days, almost all homes and offices have a wireless network, or Wi-Fi, which allows devices like computers, smartphones, and printers to connect to the internet without any wires. If you have a Samsung printer, you may be wondering how to connect it to your Wi-Fi network so that you can print wirelessly. Here is … Read more

Wifi Router Radiation Safe Distance?


Are you concerned about the amount of radiation emitted from your WiFi router? If so, you’re not alone. Many people are wondering what the safe distance is to keep from their router in order to minimize their exposure to radiation. The answer to this question isn’t as straightforward as you might hope. The truth is, … Read more

How to Change Unifi Wifi Password?

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If you want to change your Unifi Wifi password, there are a few steps you need to follow. First, log into the Unifi Controller and go to the Settings page. On the left-hand side, select Wireless Networks. Find the SSID that you want to modify and click on Edit. In the Security section, select WPA-Personal … Read more

Is Airport Wifi Safe?

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Most people these days rely on airport wifi to stay connected while they travel. But is airport wifi safe? The short answer is yes, but there are some caveats. Airport wifi is generally just as safe as any other public wifi network. However, there are some steps you can take to further protect yourself. When … Read more

Does Wifi Work Without Electricity?

Will broadband work without electricity

No, wifi does not work without electricity. It needs an internet connection and a power source to function. No, wifi does not work without electricity. It requires an electrical connection to function. HOW TO USE A BROADBAND ROUTER DURING POWER CUT? |Therahul RTV| Rahul Sharma No, Wifi Requires a Power Source to Function No, wifi … Read more

Why Does My Wifi Lag When I Play Games?

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If you’re a gamer, you know the frustration of trying to play your favorite game online only to be met with lagging and buffering. Why does this happen? And is there anything you can do about it? There are a few reasons why your wifi might lag when you’re trying to play games. One reason … Read more